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Challenge: Japanese Monsters & legends – Day 2 Kappa

15 May

Today is the Kappa day!! \ º D º /

Kappa 河童 – story here

the Kappa is one of my favorite Japanese mosters, and one of the most famous, I draw him cute because I think I’ve only see him as a cute monster, even he is eviiil!!! º 0 º !! he is evil and weak,  because the way to beat him by bowing is kinda easy XD

I’ve sketched two more kappas, one with boy “shape” and the evil one…. but came on!  you know me, the kawaii one has to win XD
I hope you like it, and see you tomorrow for another moster ò , o !!

Challenge: Japanese Monsters & legends – Day 1 Momotaro

14 May

My friend and great illustrator Mireia came up with a new challenge about drawing Japanese monsters & legends. The rules are such simple as you have to draw the listed monsters/legends one each day during 30 days. (weekends free)

As I wanted to improve my drawings skills I accepted the challenge Ò u Ó let’s see if I’m strong enough and I can keep it jejeje

First day is Momotaro day! \ º D º / and here you have my illustration

Momotaro (桃太郎) legend – read it here –

For no reason I wanted to dress him with actual clothes, and he has that face because he’s gonna tell to the Onis (devils) “ooi!! stop being so evil!!” the monkey is just copying him ¬ u ¬ !!

I hope you like it, and you’ll find another monster tomorrow º D º !! thanks Mireia for that challenge, and you readers, remember to check her blog if you want to see amazing drawings º 0 º !!

by the way! the all list will be under the cut, so you can check what’s coming n_n

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