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Japanese monsters & legends – Extra: Tanabata

6 Jul

Today as an extra one Tanabata! \ º D º /

Tanabata 七夕 –story here

the story of the separated lovers ~♥ it’s sad but it’s cute at the same time, and if they only can see each other once a year, we should celebrate !! \ º D º /

in Japan they celebrate it by writing wishes on small pice of papers and hanging them on bamboo sticks, I’ve made my wishes, what are yours?

whit this illustration I finished the challenge of Japanese monsters & legends, but I’ll post more and new drawings to keep that blog alive n_~~

I hope you enjoy those ones too


Japanese monsters & legends – Day 30 Urashima Tarou

6 Jul

Today, after 2 weeks, Urashima Tarou day! \ º D º /

Urashima Tarou 浦島 太郎 –story here

it’s said that it’s better to post latter than never right? jejeje, so you have my late last Japanese legend drawing, Urashima Tarou, the fishman who down under the sea to meet Princes Otohime n__n !!

As we did that legend before, and as I leave you waiting those days I’m gonna post an extra Japanese legend drawing! \ º D º / so just wait a few seconds no next post jejeje

Japanese monsters & legends – Day 29 Inugami

21 Jun

Today is Inugami day!! \ º D º / !!

Inugami 犬神 –story here

It’s suposed to be the spirit of a dog used for revenge, but I guess he likes playing with balls, like all the others dogs XD

Japanese monsters & legends – Day 28 Akaname

20 Jun

Today is Akaname day! \ º D º /

Akaname 垢嘗 –story here

hohoho I didn’t know about this one!! this monster is a strange creature who lick up the grime and dirt that accumulates in unclean bathrooms ·__· !! if you think about it, maybe it’s a very useful creature!! xD

Japanese monsters & legends – Day 27 Tsuru no Ongaeshi

20 Jun

Yesterday was Tsuru no Ongaeshi day!! \ º D º /

Tsuru no ongaeshi 鶴の恩返し- story here

Maybe it’s one of the most famose child stories of Japan, the crane who transform herself to a girl to weave beautiful clothes to thanks an old man who saved her ^ u ^!!

Japanese monsters & legends – Day 26 Amefuri Kozou

18 Jun

Today is Amefuri Kozou day  \ º D º /

Amefuri Kozou 雨降り小僧 –story here

The child who has the power to made rain fall, nothing more to add, only that my stupid scanner almost fade the rain I painted Ú – Ù ~sigh….

Japanese monsters & legends – Day 25 Kuchikase Onna

18 Jun

Friday was Kuchikase Onna day!! \ º D º / (sorry for the delay)

Kuchikase Onna 口裂け女 –story here

Actually this time you have to choose between Kuchikase Onna or Futakuchi Onna, and I choose the first one because I like more the story n__n

I think she like the Japanese version of the Vanishing hitchhiker but instead of finding her in the road, she could be anywhere. Also she is not as nice as our gosht because no mater what answer you give to her she is gonna cut your moth Ó ~ Ò !!

It’s suposed to be an scary gosht but I don’t know why I can NOT find the way to draw something scary >__< every time I try I only came up with cute things = c = ~sigh

Also I have another sketch of Kuchikase Onna, this one I wanted to draw her as the typical profile pictures of girls, with duck mouth and upside angle… like saying “I’m pretty?” XD