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Japanese monsters & legends – Day 11 Chochin Obake

28 May

Today is Chochin Obake day! \ º D º /

Chochin Obake ちょちんお化け –story here

The lantern ghost !! it’s kinda simple but I really like Chochin Obake ^ D ^ I’ve read that he is not dangerous but that he likes to play little pranks as burn your house…jejeje… yeah, not dangerous at all ·____·U

and I have another unfinished version of Chochin

I was painting him yesterday while watching a TV awards show (BAFTAs) but when they didn’t give the award to my favorite actor (Benedict Cumberbatch AKA you deserve the BAFTA ù__ú)  I got so angry that I leave it unfinished XD actually I prefer the marker version, but…. anyway as I have it too I share it with you 😛 !!


Quick drawing!

27 May

quick drawing I’ve done today about an AD I’ve heard on the television, it said something like “we are what we eat” and then “the watermelon is on sale!”

·______·U my mind couldn’t help to picture that Zombie watermelon