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Japanese monsters & legends – Day 14 Yamata no Orochi

31 May

Yamata no Orochi day! \ º D º /

Yamata no Orochi 八岐大蛇 –story here

This monster is the eight heads & eight tails snake. It seems to be very very frighten, big, with red eyes and full of blood cause he eats humans!!

However I wanted to draw him in a funny way º D º I guess that coordinate eight heads it’s kinda difficult (I get trouble myself sometimes and I just got one…. ·_·U)


Japanese monsters & legends – Day 13 Oto hime

30 May

Today is Otohime day! \ º D º /

Oto hime 乙姫 AKA Toyotama hime –story here

Pretty Otohime who is the princess of the sea, I haven’t read about her before, and the wikipedia doesn’t say too much, but even that I can imagine her like that n , n

It’s said that she can transform to a dragon, so I draw it in the pattern of her kimono ^ u ^ !!

I hope you like it! º D º

Japanese monsters & legends – Day 12 Rokurokkubi

29 May

Rokurokkubi day! \ º D º /

Rokurokkubi ろくろっくひ  –story here

the loooong looong neck woman, she looks like a real woman but she could transform at night º 0 º !! I saw her like that kind of naughty girls so I draw her with that big smile * u * !!

Japanese monsters & legends – Day 11 Chochin Obake

28 May

Today is Chochin Obake day! \ º D º /

Chochin Obake ちょちんお化け –story here

The lantern ghost !! it’s kinda simple but I really like Chochin Obake ^ D ^ I’ve read that he is not dangerous but that he likes to play little pranks as burn your house…jejeje… yeah, not dangerous at all ·____·U

and I have another unfinished version of Chochin

I was painting him yesterday while watching a TV awards show (BAFTAs) but when they didn’t give the award to my favorite actor (Benedict Cumberbatch AKA you deserve the BAFTA ù__ú)  I got so angry that I leave it unfinished XD actually I prefer the marker version, but…. anyway as I have it too I share it with you 😛 !!

Quick drawing!

27 May

quick drawing I’ve done today about an AD I’ve heard on the television, it said something like “we are what we eat” and then “the watermelon is on sale!”

·______·U my mind couldn’t help to picture that Zombie watermelon

Japanese monsters & legends – Day 10 Konaki jiji

25 May

Today is Konaki jiji day \ º D º /

Konaki jiji こなき爺  –story here

After today’s picture here you have a new illustration, Konaki jiji, the eldery baby who is gonna atract you with his crying and them when you lift up him he changes his wheith till crush you… Japanese folklore is really original, isn’t it? XD

Japanese monsters & legends – Day 9 Ittan momen

24 May

today ittan momen !! \ º D º /

Ittan momen 一反木綿 –story here

I was trying to draw Ittan momen when suddenly RAS RAS RAS ! he came to live º ____º !!

Actually he is Ittan momen young brother, because the real one is made of cotton, but luckily this one hasn’t tryied to wrap my face XD he nicer Ú u Ù!!

as this one is an easy one today I’m gonna be able to work in an important project I’m in, you’ll see it when it finish ^ u ~ !!