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Japanese monsters & legends – Day 24 Ame no Uzume

14 Jun

Today is Ame no uzume day! \º D º /

Ame no Uzume アメノウズメ –story here

I wanted to draw a super sexy dancing Ame no uzume but instead of that I just got a silly one XD anyway, as she looks cute & happy I changed my mind 😛 !

** Drawing 25 is suposed to post tomorrow, but as I’m not gonna have time tomorrow, I’m gonna pospose it till saturday, you’ll have to wait one day more to see my kuchisake onna n___n or… maybe my Futakuchi onna? aaaahh… wait till saturda 😛 !!**


Japanese monsters & legends – Day 23 Issunboushi

13 Jun

Today is Issunboushi day \ º D º /

Issunboushi 一寸法師 –story here

The little samurai jejeje I kinda love him because is another story that tells that small people could do big things if they really want it and put the best on it! Ò u Ó !!

Japanese monsters & legends – Day 22

12 Jun

Today is Ikiryô day! \ º D º /

Ikiryou 生霊 –story here

This is actual version of that “obake” The soul of that poor girl is following the boy because he cheat on her, and now she is full of hate and rage XD and now she is gonna take her revenge… um.. maybe put on some dust in that smartphone screen? Ò ^ Ó!!

Japanese monsters & legends – Day 20 Kamaitachi

8 Jun

Today is Kamaitachi day! \ º D º /

Kamaitachi かまいたち –story here

the weasel who carries a big razor º 0 º um… I think it’s too white XD anyway he is saying “don’t touch my fur” ò . o !!

Japanese monsters & legends – Day 19 Hengeyôkai: kitsune or tanuki

7 Jun

and I choose Tanuki \ º D º /

Hengeyôkai Tanuki たぬき –story here

As I’ve draw Kitsune before I choose today Tanuki, and I draw him as his human form, but he is not very talented cause he forgot a lot of Tanuki things jejeje

While I was drawing him I was thinking about Kitsune too, and I thought they will be a really cute couple so…

here you have a picture about their romance \ ^D ^ / !!

Japanese monsters & legends – Day 18 Kachi Kachi yama

6 Jun

Today is Kachi Kachi yama day \ º D º /

Kachi Kachi yama かちかち山 –story here

cute story about a very bad Tanuki and a vindictive rabbit, I just draw the first of the pranks because is the one who gives the title of the story but I really like all that story cause the rabbit is very naughty and clever, also the Tanuki is kinda stupid jejeje, but he deserves it! right?  ù , u

Japanese monsters & legends – Day 17 Saru kani gasen

5 Jun

Today is Saru Kani Gassen day! \ º D º /

Saru Kani Gassen さるかに合戦 –story here

One of the most funny Japanese stories I’ve read ·___· seriously, the monkey is so cruel, and the crab army is so… weird LOL I love it * D * !!

Today I’m in a hurry so I only draw the monkey and the crab, but I noted the story for future fanarts, I wanna draw the rest of the characters on there Ò u Ó!!