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Japanese monsters & legends – Day 15 Noppera bō

1 Jun

Today is Noppera bō day \º D º /

Noppera bō のっぺら坊 –story here

 The faceless ghost º 0 º !! at first I thought on drawing her like a girl scared of someone finding out she doesn’t have face, but then I changed my mind drawing a girl who doesn’t really care not having face XD I like more drawing cute girls than scary ones jejejeje

anyway here you have my first sketch n , n


Japanese monsters & legends – Day 13 Oto hime

30 May

Today is Otohime day! \ º D º /

Oto hime 乙姫 AKA Toyotama hime –story here

Pretty Otohime who is the princess of the sea, I haven’t read about her before, and the wikipedia doesn’t say too much, but even that I can imagine her like that n , n

It’s said that she can transform to a dragon, so I draw it in the pattern of her kimono ^ u ^ !!

I hope you like it! º D º

Japanese Monsters & legends – Day 7 Kyuubi Kitsune

22 May

Today is Kyuubi Kitsune day! \ º D º /

Kyuubi kitsune 九尾狐 –story here

The nine taled fox, it said that she can transform to a human form so I draw her to as a little girl ^D ^

even the nine-taled fox should have a white or gold fur (because she gets her nine tails when she is hundred years old º 0 º!!) I guess she loves dressing with the orange brown colors of a normal fox… but… now I’m thinking of it.. if she is hundred years old, she should be a little old lady! º 0 º!!? ups!

anyway, I hope you like the drawing n_~ !

Japanese Monsters & legends – Day 6 Yuki onna

21 May

Today is Yuki onna day!! \ º D º /

Yuki Onna 雪女 –story here

yei! frozen monday starting with the snow woman who is gonna leave you die frozen if you get lost in the snow, jejeje, well at least you’ll see something pretty n_n!!

I like Yuki onna because she remember my favorite idol playing kabuki = w = you should see Takizawa-sama (Hideaki Takizawa AKA Tackey) dancing with a beautiful white kimono… it’s one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever see, seriously (sorry but I can’t give you a proof because it’s not legal ú_ù sigh~)

and let’s give my scanner a big applause because it invented almost the half of the blues of the drawing and loose the other half TT ^ TT !!

Japanese Monsters & legends – Day 3 Tengu

16 May

Today is Tengu day! \ º D º /

Tengu 天狗 –story here

I have to admit that I have a hard time drawing Tengu, lots of sketches trying faces, poses and dresses for him, trying to find a good one, till I end up with that cute Azuki’s style Tengu XD at least he seems friendly jejejeje I hope you like it

and in one of those sketches testings I draw something different but Tengu related. I always do that, start drawing something serious and loose my mind and inspiration drawing something completely different and silly ·__·U so I created this girl in one of those moments, and also because Tengu mask is one of my favorites \(^ D º)/

Summer wind

11 May


quick windy drawing jejeje, painted with makers n_n