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Japanese Monsters & legends – Day 5 Zashiki Warashi

18 May

Today is Zashiki Warashi day! \ º D º /

Zashiki warashi 座敷わらし -story here- 

She is the spirit of a 5/6 years old girl who lives in some old houses and she only wants to play with you * D * !! even she is an spirit you don’t have to be afraid of her, because a house with a Zashiki Warashi is a lucky house!! \ º D º /

If you’re wondering, yes! I know it’s that big mistake in the picture, besides that awful perspective but… maybe it’s because Zashiki Warashi enjoys playing pranks?  XD  did you guess what I’m talking about? º 3 º~~♫

And with that little girl I finished my first Japanese Monsters & legends Challenge week, remember it’s only on weekdays, so until monday no more mosters Ú , Ù but don’t be sad, because if I have time to finish it I’ll post another of my drawings n u n !!