On the first day she created the blog…

10 May

my name is Azuki and welcome to my blog yeeii!! \ º D º /

It was suposed to be a blog to share with the world my drawings and my artistic things, but I guess it has no sense if I avoid my stupid comics and jokes.

Every single time it happens something to me I have the feel to draw it with silly drawings… get used to them xD

So as the first entry on my new blog I couldn’t find anything better than tell you about the creation proces.

If I’m sincere, it’s been years I’ve been thinking about start a blog but I haven’t have the time and I wasn’t strong enough…. it was always like that:


finally after tons of Clara’s shakes, and a hundred of :

S1- I love your drawings! where can I find more?

Azuki – erm… in my bedroom? ( · u · )U

I came up with that blog, but it was painful!!  as painful as that last popcorn that insists of staying between your tooth after eating all the popcorns, you like it, you enjoy the result but it’s always something you don’t like ò ^ ó!!

you have to decide the hosting, the design, all you want to put in.. etc…


and all my problems were mostly because I’m in an economic situation right now that it has to be free, and if you want to have it free you’ll have to pay one way or another XD


it’s not I don’t want to pay for a hosting that I could do whatever I want with the design, it’s that I can’t afford it right now n , nU maybe later, maybe when I got the money XD

anyway I think that even choosing a predeterminate wordpress theme I put a bit of my own personality inside, and… um… it is cute, isn’t it? ☼▽ ☼

hope you’ll enjoy the rest of the bog~♥ I’ll promise to keep it live n__n

6 Responses to “On the first day she created the blog…”

  1. mich 10 de May de 2012 at 14:57 #

    おめでとう! ah i love this blog, so cute! your drawings are da best!!! ♥

    • Azuki 10 de May de 2012 at 21:47 #

      ありがとう!mich!! you know I’m not gonna leave drawing Tono, right? Ò u Ó I should update it too… dameda bakazuki is too lazy!! XDDD
      I’m glad you like it too ~~♥

  2. clarabayarri 11 de May de 2012 at 15:19 #

    a completed blog at last 😀

  3. KatSpore 13 de May de 2012 at 4:35 #

    Congrats for finally getting this done! ❤ ^o^
    Just curious.. what about your old wordpress blog?

    • Azuki 13 de May de 2012 at 10:07 #

      I will continue it as soon as I draw Takki again!! XD I mean, I’m not gonna closet it, but the Takki & Tsuba one is only for T&T drawings, I needed another one for my other art, so I made that n____n !!

  4. Silvia 14 de May de 2012 at 12:43 #

    LOL cómo mola! 😀

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